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    STEP 1: Download “A9 TODAY” app via https://download.a9today.com

    Once the installation of “A9 TODAY” is done on your phone, you need to create your own A9 TODAY account.
    ​ Click “New User Registration” button, scan the QR code or export the QR code directly from the photo to your album.
    ​ If you do not have any referrer, please click “Register as a Visitor” button to register your account.

    STEP 2: Register your own A9 TODAY UID

    UID is the account username for login to your APP A9 TODAY
    ​ On registration page, you need to register a new login ID and set a password.
    ​ The last three UID characters cannot be all numbers, and the first character must start with alphabetical letter (a-z) and the length is between 6 (minimum) and 15 (maximum) characters. (For example: abcd88 or abc1d23).
    ​ Password must have at least 6 characters in length. It can either be all in numbers or letters, or a mix between them. (For example: 123488 or abc123).

    STEP 3: Register your phone number.

    Once you have finished setting up your own UID and Password, click “Next” to enter the login page.
    ​ Fill in your mobile phone number in order to receive the verification code.
    ​ Once you have completed all the above steps, CONGRATULATIONS – you have successfully registered your own A9 TODAY Account.

    UID is the Username of your Account. It’s just like your name.
    It protects your account among different user groups, by avoiding malicious users from misappropriation and fraud, while delivering the most secure experience to the users.
    ​ Note: UID account cannot be changed.

    Step 1: Click “Help” at the bottom right of the login page and look for “Forgot UID”.
    ​ Step 2: Choose “mobile phone number” to restore your UID.
    ​ Step 3: Enter your mobile phone number to receive the verification code to regain your UID.

    Step 1: Find “Forgot Password” at the bottom right of the login page and choose to reset the password.
    ​ ​Step 2: Select “mobile phone number” to reset the password.
    ​ Step 3: Enter the correct UID account number and mobile phone number to receive the verification code.
    ​ Step 4: Enter your new password into the 2 boxes provided and click “Next” to complete the reset.

    Step 1: Login in to A9 TODAY > Me > Avatar Picture > Mobile No.
    ​ Step 2: Enter your mobile phone number and click Send Verification Code to your mobile phone.
    ​ Step 3: Enter the verification code you have just received (via SMS).
    ​ Step 4: click “Next” to complete the registration.

    Registering a mobile phone number is important and convenient. You need it to change the password or find the password in the future. In other words, it is needed to receive the verification code in case you forget your password.

    If you register a full name that is not the same as your bank account’s, you are not able to make any withdrawal. That is because the system will not be able to process your withdrawal because of the identity mismatch and you will asked to select a bank from the list provided every time you attempt to do so. Nevertheless, A9 TODAY’s withdrawal is fast, simple and convenient.
    ​ Step 1: Login to A9 TODAY and click “My” > “Bank account”
    ​ Step 2: Click “Add Bank Account”, enter the account name and account number, click “Next”, click Send Verification Code, and fill in the verification code to complete the bank binding.
    ​ Step 3: Select your bank type, enter your account name and account number, and click “Next”
    ​ Step 4: Click to send the verification code, and fill in the verification code to complete the bank account binding

    Payment Pin is to ensure the safety for all of our users.
    So by creating the payment pin it serve as a code for secondary security.
    During the transfer and withdrawal process, you have to enter your payment pin so to complete the whole transfer process.

    If the user does not create a payment code before transferring, the system will direct the user set the payment code as follows:
    ​ Log in to A9 TODAY, click “My”>”Settings”>”Modify Payment Code” and set the payment pin twice
    ​ Note: The payment pin consists of 6 digits. In order to protect your account, please do not set a too simple password such as: 123456 or 888888.

    The chips can be obtained through the system and it will calculated based on the rebate from the bets by your downline players and your total bets.
    ​ The chips can also be obtained from the “A9 TODAY” game platform. A9 TODAY will occasionally reward players with a lot of surprise PRIZES.
    ​ ​The chips are a rebate reward for you, just it cannot be cashed out directly. Nevertheless, as long as it is a valid bet of a doubled up amount, the reward will automatically be converted into your gaming credit.
    ​ The chips will be automatically credited into your e-wallet through the system, on a daily basis, between 15:00 and 16:00 (GMT + 8).